Glory Ornaments

Posted by Ashley Ferreira on

Greetings shoppers! Welcome to Glory Ornaments

Let me start by telling you the meaning behind the name. It was quite a risk deciding to jump into my own business. Glory Ornaments came as an idea that has been planted into my thoughts and opened the door into a world I never knew existed. Now when you think of the word ornaments it is a simple figurine or an object created to make something more attractive with usually no purpose at all, but glory, now glory means many things to me especially on a personal more spiritual level. Glory signifies high honor, exaltation, great achievements and pleasing in the eyes of God. Put those two words together one with no purpose the other with great honor. You give meaning to something that had no meaning at all. My products caters to the working woman, the stay at home mom, the entrepreneur, the wife, the sisters and daughters. All women with different walks of life and experiences, all those that came out on the other side with a goal a dream a fire in her eyes to succeed for the sake of her family, her life, and her love. And to do so with purpose, to be gloried in the eyes that are most pleasing to God and to the people that see her those who surround her see a woman exalted, held in great honor a woman who came out of the darkness. A life with no purpose into a life with great achievements. Whoever you are, where ever you are enjoy your womanhood, enjoy your motherhood enjoy your life in such a joyful way carry an attitude of hope and walk with style, grace, beauty, and modesty in the clothing that is Glory Ornaments.

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